English Speaking Course In Gurgaon

English ProZone provide different English speaking courses in Gurgaon who fit the requirements of Beginners to advanced level learners and students to corporate needs.

we offer the best result to the great extent of your improvement in English Speaking, vocabulary, writing skills, effective presentation skills and formal and informal interaction with changing behavior and diversity of our Indian people so, you are at right place to learn.

Spoken English classes which we offer

In English Speaking Course In Gurgaon, The offered has three parts where one part is for spoken, second and third are for foreign education in Europe as well as Asian countries. these are the main English course of our institution.

Spoken English

We provide excellent English teaching methods with highly experienced teachers. We assure you to be successful in spoken English at every level whether your will start English speaking with basic words or intermediate level or advanced level course,

English Speaking best course for IELTS Preparation In Gurgaon

We just not only provide you English spoken classes, we also trained you for foreign universities. Prepare yourself for high ranked foreign Universities with our expert team for IELTS. thisd exam will be given for countries like UK, USA, Germany, Norway, Holland, Canada, malaysia…etc. after clearing this exam you have given many rewards as well as foreign universities will aslo provide scholarships for study benefits.

English Speaking best course for TOEFL Preparation In Gurgaon

Do you know this is another test to know your ability to communicate in English for American based Universities? Get your admissions in American based universities like USA, UK, Australia easily with Toefl preparation, because Americans prefer different abilities. this university is ranked in their city wise and having the high technology developed university so that their student do there research practically.

Extra Curricular Activities for Skill Development

these are a English skill which is needed in every position of your job or even you switch from job to startups or own business or want to improve grammar knowledge. these classes in mandate with and the main course is chosen. learning english language and techniques is not sufficient as these activities are more valuable than your skills.

English Speaking fine Course in Gurgaon For Interviews Sessions

You will learn that how to behave or handle with a different type of interviews because not even single interviews gone same at a time when you are called for it, many common questions asked in english so how to answer them and the etc.

English Speaking Course in  Gurgaon for Presentation Classes

Nowadays any company wants to represent their business through a powerpoint presentation in english. maybe you know how to make a presentation but if you don’t know how to present it then your chance ends. and your presentation will be given to another employee to present.

English Speaking Quality Course In Gurgaon For Role Play Sessions

This is very exciting session because here you will play with your real life experience and also with some fun role play where we give you a situation, on that, you have to make strategies to solve the problem with real examples and you will follow some motivation.

examples like:-

competition for AD MAD contest.

do play role in case studies.

play your role after rapid fire round.

Our Presence in Gurgaon

we have present in two more areas where we are providing our services with high-quality standards in the field of learning and education in sector 14. Both the places served as same decorum where the second place at Sohna road.

Who can benefit from English Speaking?

Anyone can benefit from this english training. Irrespective of your occupation, you can benefit a lot from this ability. Benefits will be covered in major terms like students, working professional, unemployed.

Benefits in English Speaking for Self-Employed Course in Gurgaon 

If you are a self-employed person who needs to interact with people from different sections of society, it’s ideal. You may have realized that at times, you are unable to understand a person speaking or you fail to speak properly, English speaking course for business people.

Benefits for Students Course in Gurgaon

If you feel you are not good at the english speaking due to any reason, you can learn even if you are graduating or just graduated, english speaking course for kids.

Benefits In English speaking For Working professional course

If you are already working who wants to excel in your career. If you very well know that your english communication skills, english writing skills, is not even average, you know what kind of difference it can make in your life.

English Speaking Benefits for Unemployed Person 

Today, the competition is stiff, and only the skilled candidates are offered the job. Sometimes even a skill can’t help you get a job because of fewer opportunities or maybe your english communication skills. We will assist you to speak like a pro and tips to appear in the interview. People working in a BPO (domestic or international) only have average communication skill that helps them land a job and English training for a job seeker.

Reasons for enrolling :

  • Better your chances of growth in your current company.
  • Improve chances of job opportunities.
  • Helps in the development of personality.
  • Trainers with years of experience in english  training.
  • Special emphasis on practical (speaking) training.
  • Separate training for beginners and advanced learners.
  • Tips and tools to help you practice english continuously and regularly.

Best Suited Spoken English Environment for Students

A good English spoken environment reduce the efforts of teaching and increase the outcomes for students. It is necessary to think about those who are serious to do. but because of local areas the environment which actually a student need is missing. By taking care of few things which are related to English Speaking we provide a satisfying level of an environment to learn in our building with English teachers and groups.

Different English Speaking course levels In Gurgaon

  1. We conduct a small test to measure the level of english speaking of a candidate.
  2. This process helps us to understand the level of knowledge of the student.
  3. After the test, we decide the level of the candidate and recommend the level they should opt for. Nonetheless, the candidate has the choice to opt for any level as per his or her choice.
  4. bur our recommendation is that you join the course level with test series result so that you cope up with all the empty cell.

Beginners English Speaking Course by EnglishProZone 

We have training for beginners that assist them in learning the very basic of english language. A basic learner is one who can hardly speak and has difficulty framing even simple sentences. The level of such a learner is equal to a third, fourth or fifth grader. English Speaking course for beginners

English Speaking Fair Steps To Instruct Beginners

We teach them the very basics along with instilling confidence and inspiring them with examples of students who achieved. We teach beginner to greet someone in the office, use of has/have, use of is/am/are, etc. We help you with sentences used in daily life. We introduce you to a basic understanding of the English language and grammar.

English Speaking Course in Gurgaon for intermediate learners 

Intermediate learners are those who have a basic understanding of the English but hesitate in speaking. Such learners tend to have limited vocabulary and understanding of this language. They lack confidence and exposure. As they did not get the right kind of atmosphere, they were unable to practice and speak confidently, English speaking course for intermediate.

English Speaking Fair Steps For Intermediate Learners

Therefore, we help them speak a lot of English dailies and assign a task or topic for the second day. They are asked to speak in front of the class. This method helps them to get rid of stage fright and builds their confidence.

Advanced English Speaking Course for Next Level Learners

  1. Advanced learners are those who can understand and speak without much discomfort. However, they have poor pronunciation and mother tongue influence (MTI). MTI is a natural phenomenon where a non-native speaker of english, like Indian, can speak confidently but with incorrect pronunciation.
  2. These pronunciations of words are prominent and caused due to the mother tongue of the speaker, English Speaking Course for advance Learner.
  3. The sounds of every language are different from each other in terms of pronouncing. Though some sounds may be the same, most of the sounds would differ greatly. An advanced learner is taught how to pronounce correctly eliminating the influence of mother tongue.

We make your valence

  • For your all-round English development and get the best out of it. We encourage our students to practice in english regularly and diligently. For this purpose, we recommend online resources such as apps, tools, and websites.
  • Many of our English learners were just like you – hesitant and under confident. But now, they can speak English comfortably and confidently without any hesitation.
  • This proves that anyone can learn english over long-term practicing regularly. However, the right teacher, guide or mentor is what you need to achieve the goal.
  • We provide you with the right English training, atmosphere, and resources to help you learn at your own pace.

English Speaking  Facts That we Specialised

This English speaking course specialize in alternative learning methods that actually help every stage of students. The institute present in the market has the almost same structure of learning and teaching to their students but coming to our place we provide such classes which change your way of thinking from the competitive world.

English speaking Institute who follow effective methods 

English Speaking course In Gurgaon following the best outcomes and achievements methods, After doing research on 1000 student survey we have found that people are following their mentors and English teachers and they are lacking in learning methods for English Speaking.

After analyzing the student’s behavior we found that they feel bored in their classes while teachers are teaching them.

Course In Gurgaon But feeling bored…why?  

  • Every day same process follows for teaching English was a teacher come and teach them according to syllabus only.
  • No personal attachment of English teachers with the student only concentrates on books and material.
  • No social share while group discussion in English.
  • Same English teachers are not present at the time of doubt classes.

(our English speaking course in Gurgaon, a structure of study material and enjoying study methods will make you feel beautiful learning English Speaking without boredness.)

Important To Learn This Course.


english speaking learning

So, In other industries, also spoken English is equally important. Though you may be planning or already working in a company where English is not used widely, it can help you to grow fast. English speaking is a skill which can be acquired with little assistance and of course, a lot of practice. The more you practice, the better you will be.

English Speaking Course in Gurgaon Goals.

It may be easy to understand that a person can learn the English language faster and better if they use their smartness. You need to Listening, Reading, speaking and writing as much as you can. The more you involve yourself in these above-mentioned activities, the faster you’ll learn. It creates a positive pressure and inspires you to learn faster and better.