does actually english is burden for you

because of our local language, we are more familiar with it and English looks like the burden on us.

local area troubles towards English speaking

talking about local areas which are more than 60 percent of India. This is because of only our primary sector dependent on agriculture and 60  to 70 percent of the population working and earning from this income only and remaining sector which is secondary sector as manufacturers and last third is services sector. now the problem begins because most of the part of our country is dependent on agriculture where govt. also does not support for there earning, less earning create difficulties in life to survive even many of farmer is also dying every these all develop the different type of problem and with English speaking to know we discuss stepwise how this major problem creates an education and English speaking problems.

problems – private schools for English

not every villager is poor there are so many villages were rich people exist and they are living affluent lives but their children are facing difficulties while their education .this is the time period where student can knowledge and experiences like ocean but they are belonging with village and their family members are good in business, they are good at behaviour, they are good at their nature also but after all these they don’t know how to speak English. so even they have a lot of money they send their child to private school so that their children can live life better than them and handle their family business and grow it to a bigger level. and the problems which their families face through English speaking like -some business meeting with corporate, filling the forms of school, land….etc.

the time is changed now if you are rich or poor your professional career will define with English speaking. as this language is growing and grabbing a lot of jobs.all conclusion says if you are rich or poor it does not matter. the knowledge and you’re speaking English skill matter to the world.

the problem at private jobs – need English skills

all private, corporate job is based on English test series like for job first they will take your written test which includes English, quantitative reasoning, general knowledge and all these tests conducted in English so if you have all the skills and don’t to English then you cannot clear written test and interviews.

call center – only jobs on their speaking skills

call centers the one where a lot of employee working only on the basis of their English speaking skills only wherein bpo kpo call centers they all require only persons ability to speak confidently in English. because they know fluent English speaking they are earning more than the only skilled person in the corporate world. like zenpack kpo companies are paying only because of their speaking skills.