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How Does Globalization Impact For English Speaking In India?

A country like India are developing countries and because India has a mass population of people as India comes at a second position for the highest population in the world and earlier it comes to the first position. this information is presented here because this is the real factor or causes due to which globalization impacted English speaking in India what question arises that how?

Globalisation means we have allowed other countries to enter our country to sell they products and services but they find the problem that how Indian people will convey for that product or service when they want to sell, so according to rule there is set language which is acceptable over the world and more than half world has their mother tongue in English speaking.

now the all business in India majorly comes from rest of the world and to hire those clients projects we need to learn English and slow then fastly it increases their presence in India.

there are many problems like we have no jobs of our own it means In India does not have many jobs so they have to prefer international companies and getting a job in international companies and because of globalization this all type of parameters where made and most of the population India is dependent on these companies and most of our services industries because they know Indian has better communication skill and they grab anything easily than other people in different countries. so globalization has impacted that any companies can interact with them form any place and point in the world so they all also increases the demand of a lot of jobs at which people are ready to do work at a good salary.

english speaking is so important because without knowledge of English we are not eligible for this job through which many families in India are living the nice life and their kids are able to fulfill dreams and they itself also.

why English Speaking is Important In Tour And travel Agencies

english, a global trading language and a common language used as a medium of communication and exchange of information. Nowadays, English Speaking is spoken in all areas of the organization because of globalization.

Due to which, English became most important in some areas such as tour and travel agencies. In Tour and Travel Agent, one have to travel a lot and to communicate with locals, you have to speak English if you do not know their local language or their domestic language.

You can travel around the world and socialize with people everywhere if you speak English. In a travel agency, most clients use English as a medium of communication and you have to spend most of the time connecting with clients from all over the world.

you should be drafting a company brochures for clients which requires the skill to make it best sentences forming in English. it includes the core information like which type of hotel or guesthouse you want (like 3 stars, 4 stars, 5 star5..etc.) is that king size bed or for two individual…etc. after that, you need to explain your USP and kind of services you are able to provide them on time. these all information is provided in the English language so its mandatory to explain you fruitful services to your customer so that you can increase your business and get a hike in your salary with promotions etc.

you need to learn some of the attractive lines that should increase customers focus on your activities and they will recommend you for any type of booking and travel services. this all happen at the time of booking but what happens at a time when they reach the destination.

at that time you have to serve different services and there you meet with them face to face so their many types on conditions apply like when the customer will enter in the hotel then first they ask for their rooms and their room key, then they ask for at which direction they have to proceed this all need to interact with them when you know English speaking.

it does not only end here after this when your client or user is fresh your tour guider need to tell them about the area and their specification like if there is temple then why that temple is for and why that is situated their only and other factor related I that object but to explain all that stuff the hired person should be well I fluent English speaking.




Why Slang’s Will Give Too Much Importance In English Speaking.

first, of all, we have to know where does it takes to start and how does it increase there importance. let’s make a  guess… so all its start with chatting on social media and the most popular Facebook and Twitter from both the platform its start to use slang language. because these online platforms have covered all the internet market to connect with each other people are more easily able make friends and those friend list is increasing day by day this makes more chatting with them and chatting is so increase with many of friends that for the fast reply they start using short form and that short form converted into slangs which are also now using official on big account like on celebrity pages.

here are some SLANGS which is mostly and also world widely used slangs are also of two type one  which uses in America and Britisher and another will which is most famous in INDIA
most of the slangs used in informal communication, European People they mostly use these following slangs:

1- GOAT – means greatest of all time, this word use like Sachin Tendulkar is GOAT in batting.
– Barack Obama is GOAT president.
– Modi is GOAT leader.
– Sandeep Maheshwari is GOAT motivation speaker.
– Messi is GOAT football player.
– Ronaldo shoot penalty and he is always GOAT.
– he is GOAT teacher of history.
– Sam running faster than anyone and in school time he is GOAT.
– Bose speaker has GOAT sound quality for PC and laptops even in headphones.

2- FAM – means family, this word use like my fam is very strict with my studies.
– peter is inviting his fam in his relative marriage.
– let’s invite all fam in-house party.
– last year I had fam tour at Thailand.
– Mom, my friends are inviting me to his fam celebration.
– Dad always supports his fam and do not care about mom’s fam.
– my fam always gives me permission for the long trip.

3- DISS – means disrespecting someone from behind, it uses like stop diss him and be respectful he is your senior.

4- ACE – means something very wonderful or awesome, it uses in like your handwriting is ACE.
– your English speaking skill is ACE than anyone of your age.
– statue of liberty is placed at the ACE view.
– India actors are very ACE.
– your pic is ACE.
– Famous Five series of storybooks are really ACE.

5- FORTNIGHT – means Two weeks. This comes from an abbreviation of ‘fourteen nights’

6- ASAP – means As Soon As Possible, it uses when urgent need or requirement of demand has to fulfill. it uses like a boss- get your report ready till night and present it ASAP.
– I will At my Home Town ASAP.
– Run the Programming ASAP.
– conduct the interview session ASAP
– Start your English Speaking Classes ASAP.
– Start loading carriages ASAP.
– exams are near, Start studying ASAP.
– the marriage date will be fixed ASAP.

7- BOT – means back to massage, it uses like if you remember to talk with an old friend then msg him/her BOT.

8- DM – means a direct message, it uses like when you are so busy and do not understand the concept then DM.
– DM me for the latest news of your favorite actor.
– DM me for best-consulting services.
– DM me for know the benefits of Yoga.

9- BFF – means best friend forever, it uses like when met with an old friend after so long time and had taken a pic with them by stating the caption of BFF.
– Rohan and Mohan are BFF.
– Meena and Tina always eating together because they are BFF.
– books are always our BFF.
– parents always teach us with the right message because they are all time BFF.

10- lol – means a lot of laughs, it uses like when seeing some of the funny images and cannot control your emotions, then your comment lol.
– ritu watch a meme and comment in the box lol.
– sir – there is snake ion the park.
kids – lol, that snake is a toy only.
– rajesh – holi comes after every six months.
others- lol, it only comes in a month of March.

Some Fantastic Words Which Use Commonly While English Speaking

Moron – mad
When a person is doing ill bread thing or a behaving like the mad person is called a moron.
For example, a person who is working in an office but after little hour he is behaving in very angry mood and after few minutes he is behaving like gentleman, this is the type of condition were we called that type people moron in English speaking.

Adorable – chahat Kisi cheese ki
There are three words in English which are needed, want, desire. The adorable means to be a stimulus for something or eager to want something.
For example, a person has low income and at his salary, he can only afford a bike but his childhood dream is to buy a luxury car like BMW, Audi. This condition applies that person is adorable or car. This is how we use it in English speaking.

Back bitching – Piche se chidana
Saying something negative behind the person. Or having grudges for a person and always talking negatively for them but not in front of them.

For example, there is a person in college who always treat others like a labor or peasant for that person people always talking negative things like what a stupid person is this. He is so rude or cruel…etc. this type of condition called back bitching. This condition only happens when we not like anyone but we cannot express those grudges in front of this word used for this type of people in English speaking.

Optimistic – positive thing

This means to be very positively confident for some kind of hope.

For example, a XIIth class student had given his boards paper and his paper was went good enough to score 90% now after few months his result date is coming out so he is eager for watch his marks this type of feeling is called optimistic. This kind of person we called optimistic in English speaking.

Pessy – mistic – negative thing
This is just the opposite of optimistic. The feeling goes towards negative for some hope.

How VOCA Friend Words Use In English Speaking?

Well, many of you not aware of what is VOCA friends so we gonna explain each voca friend word first with their meaning then we explain with an example that how these words we can use for your best friends in english speaking.

1- Chum friends – langotiya yaar.
2- Bosom friend/ ultimate friend – pakka yaar.
3- Fair weather friend – sukh ka sathi.
4- Foul weather friend – dukh ka sathi.
5- malice/ grudges towards somebody – negative feeling.
6- Have a tiff with someone. – have a fight with someone.

Example of how o use chum friend words in sentences or in which type of situation

Let assume that there is Mr. A and he got married and his company transferred him to out of his country. now Mr.A has a friend Mr. B is working at the same place where earlier Mr.A is Living but after their jobs, both were busy too much in their work. Now one day, Mr. B is scrolling his WhatsApp and he found his friend last seen by many months ago so he decided to call him immediately asking for his health and wealth. He made a call and now both were talking and phone call goes long enough so Mr. A wife is now doubting on her husband and she immediately asks him that who’s that guy to whom you were talking too long then Mr. A replied that he is my chum friend it means a friend who stays with each other from their baby/born/childhood days. ( langotiya yaar ). Now you able to understand that when in English speaking this chum friend words will be used.

Example of bosom/ ultimate friend

Anyone in life always need one friend to whom he can share his life hard time and life a good time. Like also if you are new to the school in your class then also you need a friend for any type of support and if you go to college you again need a new friend and if you are going to a company for the job then also you need a friend. But the friend who are connected with each other till the end of his life is known as bosom friend or ultimate friend (pakka yaar). So in English speaking when you meet with someone like this type of guy you will assign them as bosom friend.

Example of fair and foul weather friend

Let assume Mr. A is getting Hike in his salary and now he is finding someone to whom he can
Celebrate his happiness then his fair weather friend Mr. C come and asking him for a reason of his happiness today and he give him a reason and now both were getting ready for party and celebration of his salary hike but after a month Mr. A need some help related to handle his family for a few days because he is very much busy in his office work then Mr. C refuses to help so this is called fair weather friend ( sukh ka sathi) and just opposite of this situation where Mr. A need help and Mr. B is Always ready to help him in ann hard time is foul weather friend. So you are now able to make a theme in your mind that which words should be used at what places in English speaking.

Nowadays English speaking is so important to learn that you need to know about this type of essential framing of words so that you will never be stuck while explaining to your friend.

Why Call Center or BPO Employee Need English Speaking Training

The daily life of a person working in a call center most of the times people comment that the person who’s working in a call center / BPO may be excellent in his/her communication skill, though it’s true but as a fresher when you enter a call center or a BPO (business process orientation) especially when your from a small town or a village you will face many difficulties to communicate with the person side of the world.

so that the other in the most of the companies they have trainers who can help you with same process knowledge and best the most important training for the one whose poor English and the one who is not comfortable with English is VNA (voice and accent training) the main motive of attending this training is because see suppose your talking to a customer whose located in the UK or states talking to the locals of those countries will not give you a hard time after going through VNA, and all but the people whose from China, Russia, mexico…etc. whose situated in the countries these are the one who will give you hard time as their accent and slangs is very difficult to catch from your end as well as from their end too then you will end up spelling each and every word to the other person to whom you are communicating that’s why it’s very important to attend a VNA training. If you wish for the brighter future in the international BPO/call center and do not wanna work or end up in domestic BPO/call center.

The people whose working in a call center / BPO mostly have to go through the night shift its obvious due to the time zone difference and in the case to run over business we have to follow the time zone which is provided by the clients. If we have talked about growth and learning in the field BPO/call center then the plenty of growth is there. The biggest example would be by our English (communication skill).

If you talk about job wise then in this field also the growth is there as you will come to know more about the business like why client from the US is setting up his/her business here in India and in any more things to know and after working in these organisation for a few years then you can even come up with your own startup. It all depends upon you as there is a famous saying




Does Teachers Make Effort For Your Perfect English Speaking

Yes 100%,        No with 100%

Now in your mind the question pop-ups that what is 100%, it means that when teachers were giving their 100% effort for their students while teaching English. Any faculty is important as much students are but if teachers were doing mistakes, or teaching wrong things than it absolutely shows the bad result in the performance of the student in speaking English. But when the teacher is putting their full efforts the results gone 95% perfect for their English speaking fluently.

There are following things which tell the reasons that how English teachers make full efforts:

1- while teaching how she/he giving you the best examples.
2- does faculty is taking responsibility to understand student problem.
3- do they correcting their mistakes and doubts over time and on the spot or not.
4- providing them homework for finding something new every day.
5- long discussion in groups on some interesting topics in English.
6- taking regular surprise tests on the past topics of English.
7- helping in removing the hesitation of speaking in front of anyone.
8- do they giving motivation for the next day, so that student will encourage to attend all the classes of English speaking.
9- does English teacher is able to make the good environment for studies and practice in classrooms.
10- they are able to complete course full structure on time or not.

If they follow these few things then teachers are making their full potential to their kids or students.

As the teacher is important and responsible for few things mentioned above but a student is also that much important to play their role on time like if they are giving some homework, and giving any topic for discussion then the students have also put their energy to take initiative so that both purposes will be solved. A student is only responsible for their results because an English teacher can guide us and tell us about the right thing to do but how students were following that instruction and how much they are putting their own effort to gain benefits from their mentors.

Hence, like we cannot clap form one hand only we need both palms to celebrate for clapping the same thing is also related to a relationship between teachers and their students they are complimentary so dependency of both the parties on each other is needed for perfect results. Yes, teachers effort makes you perfect in English speaking.

How To Increase Curiosity In English Learning

Curiosity comes when you are ready to do anything serious and with your mental behavior. so, let we discuss some major points that how for learning English we can and create curiosity.

Use Example

Just simply understanding the topics is not the right way to create in yourself but what if when any topic will change their meanings in the example. We are more focused and ready to take interest in subject and curiosity will also increase.

Pick Interesting Topics

If you are going with those topics which is not in your interest area and which make you feel bored then it decrease your motivation level and hard to learn that topic so try to choose the subject and topics which help you to easily gain knowledge from that and also increase your level of understanding English and generate different question related to your area.

Learn With Playing

Only examples are not enough to increase your curiosity make it more catching the attention while learning English with playing like- make your own song to remember the words, imagine the image in your mind to learn, link your memory to some traveling place to the topic…etc.

Pick Diverse Topic

Always remember that in our interesting topics their area lot of wide areas available to do or to follow so do not follow only one parameter or structure of study make it simple with new on a weekly basis so that your connection with learning english never die.

Always Prepare A Format For Topics

Before starting your english learning prepare in a format that how much to do for today and how much for tomorrow and distribute your topics in small part so that you can cover your targets of learning English.

Always Engage With Someone For the Topic – Discussion.

When you are able to speak and you found in yourself that yes I can understand english when  someone ask me for anything then start engaging with people who can correct you on your mistakes while you were taking to them. Discuss that topics with them which is interest for them so that on daily basis you can make good english conversation for a long time.

Start With Question

The easiest way to remember the rules of english grammar and english words, when you put question against them. This give you confidence when you come up with answers and then this is also the best way to increase your curiosity in english

Start Watching English Movies And News

Leave the movies and news channels which in hindi language and try to hear english channels  this increase your english listening skill and those words also increase your knowledge.

Give More Time To Thinking

Also, try to think in english the problem is we are not born in the environment were our mother tongue is english. Hindi is running in  our veins so what we do is first star thinking in hindi then translate it into in english. But what if when we start thinking with english it take less time to convert the hindi language to english and we are fast enough to learn english.

Try To Take Current Scenario

The competition is tough in a market or in any field and every year dictionary is providing new words to learn so the best way to cover those words that you should take current economy scenario this helps you to know trending words and it is easy to create curiosity for learning english.


You cannot learn a dictionary but what to do for Increase your vocabulary?  learn on a daily basis, today’s special word is DESERT. All having the same meaning just they were used in different situations. let’s see how many other words we can use instead of DESERT.



lava beds



sand dunes

salt flats

infertile region

barren plains

arid region

abandoned land


Does Online Learning English is Possible

If you are thinking about learning English Online then yes it is possible. all you know that growing economy has connected with Internet connections at every destiny it means that if I have no time to learn English then online learning is the best. but how it is best and how we accept to learn it and how this will help to generate our skills, there are many advantages which is discussed one by one below

Advantages of learning English Online

  • Schedule Flexibility – if you are a working guy or you have so busy schedule and you are not able to manage your timings for looking for joining English institutes and your busy life is not helping you give you time for learning English then this is a good advantage that you can join online platform and this has time and schedule flexibility according to your convenience at whatever time window you feel to study or whichever time suits you to be perfect you can learn. while you are on a train, or in office free hours or anytime in whatever conditions you are you can choose your learning time for the English speaking course.

for example – a mother who is busy every time in housemade works like dusting, washing utensils, helping their kids in studies and other activities of their kid but the problem is she is finding difficulty to teach their kids while their studies are also getting tough to read the book so she thought to join some good English institute which is near to hos house but if has’nt found their timing and hours are relevant when the time she wanted, so she decided to learn online were she has a day time free for 1 to 2 hours which she utilises it in online learning english speaking course.

  • Ease of Accessibility – there are many sources through which you can able to access easily like if you have a smartphone then for easy access to you download apps whichever teach you best and there are so many apps available on play store or in apple store also. like most of the users use a dictionary to find meaning easy in hand by using a single app in a smartphone.

if you have laptop or computer in your home then it makes more easier to learn English online by websites because in pc or laptop you can use ever function which is mostly not available in – an app you can only access the single page at a time but in pc, you can access many pages at time.

if you have a good internet speed of your mobile data or high speed at home then best video platform is youtube where different teachers available so you can choose the right one for yourself to whom you can understand perfectly.

  • A range of Option – there is three type of conditions while person wants to learn English.

the first condition when do not know about single words of English and he/she wants to start with the beginning.

second condition when a person knows the basics of English and wants to do only advance courses.

the third condition he/she knows how to write and speak but want to increase their vocabulary only.

In online platforms, you can choose the type of different courses according to your level.