Difference Between British and American English

the common word but their pronunciation is always different because earlier In India we follow British communication techniques while writing and speaking but now after India has increased more trade with Americans the techniques now which we follow is American English.

In India, both the language are moreover similar in writing but they have a difference in speaking as Britishers have different flows while they speak and American have different. In India, both languages are accepted but if you are in an American company then its mandatory to speaking English in their flows and as same happen with British companies also.

what are the differences

as there are a lot of websites which elaborate the main difference between it. and after we had read many websites blogs, provides you the best differences among these languages.

1- vocabulary

Britishers – they call bonnet to the front of the car.

Americans – the call hood

Britisher – they say holidays

Americans – they say vacations

britishers –  they say crisps

Americans – they say  chips

britishers – they say the cinema

Americans – they say the movies

britishers – they say the postbox

Americans – they say the mailbox

britishers – they say the chemist’s

Americans – they say the drugstore

britishers – they say the biscuit

Americans – they say the cookie

2 – Grammar Difference

  • preposition differ between the speaking and writing

britishers – they say ‘ that student enrolls in the course. ‘

Americans – thye say ‘ that students enroll in a university course. ‘

britishers – they say ‘ they will ring someone on the phone. ‘

Americans – they say ‘ they will call someone at the phone. ‘

  • use of got and have

Britishers –  they say ‘ have you got your lunch. ‘

Americans – they say ‘ do you have your lunch. ‘

  • collective noun

for American they use the collective noun in singular form

american – group of bunches

– group of the space team

for Britishers they use collective noun can be in the singular as well as plural

Britishers – the members are playing tonight

3- minor spelling differences 

Americans English write color, liter, center, defense, airplane, modeling, traveling, realize, ton, program, gray, tire, mustache, meter, theater.

Britishers English write colour, flavour, centre, litre, theatre, defence, aeroplane, modelling, travelling, realise, tonne, programme, grey, tyre, metre.






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