there are many shows done like TEDx , ignite, talks at Google and many more but most famous in India is TEDx because every good experienced are there for sharing their experience and the way they narrate their struggle story is   awesome and their speech will touch the soul so that we are motivated to do any next thing in our life

They just start with simple English and at the end, they follow same simple English to tell his/her story to people who are there for listing and the level they speak that everyone can understand their feeling and the hard work and their smart work which they did. They are very confident to speak because everything which they tell is true enough not only their experience but also the experiences which they got to learn from another one they share there to be more motivated for listeners but the speech will share in English language and expectations are always there it means leaving some of them who speak in Hindi.

So this tells even you have achieved anything good in life but to share with the whole world it always needed English to write and speak.

How you behave is matter a lot to your character.

The behavior is most important part of life whether you speak or not in English but you are not behaving in good manners then it will always affect your character. And people judge you always at what type of your behavior you have.

Like you can see many great entrepreneur that when they speak politely and answers every question without any hesitation and clear all the doubts of tensioned students but what if they only know English well and do not behave well with anyone then they may be lost there jobs and these type of bad character person will definitely give many losses to his/her own organisation. And no one like him/her at that position.

what words they use to influence his audience

Happy – when you are learning anything the first step is to be happy so that whatever you are going to start it will give you positive energy for learning English.

english happy

affordable – this means that do not worry about which you do not have and try to find a solution to find that ways of learning through which it makes easier for you to learn english.

affordable english

value to your work – always appreciate yourself for any small or big achievement it will give you confidence for next step to achieve it.

work hard english