How English Helps to Generate Your Leadership Skill

we are Indian and we love India but if you are a leader or any leader in the world want to grow his own business or any CEO’s, managers, team leaders in the company has to communicate and face the world of competition as this part of the competition is also increased by the time of globalisation.

Fluent in English

so if really we want to generate our leadership skills than we should know the most speakable language over the world is English and if we are a fluently English speaker and use the attractive English word to your audience so that your audience became motivated to work, this makes you the leader.

Country Nationality

we can discuss the well-known entrepreneur and his leadership skills of jack ma who is world’s number 18th richest person. as everyone knows that he is from China and chines people have good nationality for his own country after all that he inspires the world by his speech and his many interviews and all is done in English then there is question that if every Chinese people has a nationality toward his own country than why he speaks in English everywhere?

Importance of English Speaking – Jack Ma

yes, anyone checks his many videos that when he communicates it is always in English because he knew that what the world demanded and how and where to use which word so that it directly hits your mind and heart and give them a spark or urge to do something in life.

one of the major strengths of the jack ma has great communication skills as he was an English teacher and he was very good in English.

he was flexible, acceptable for new ideas and has the ability to change of course without losing the real meaning of the initial goal.

all conclusion says that if you have words that you can pitch to person so that he/she agrees with you to do with the internal urge for work then this can make you a leader and your leadership skills will be generated.




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