The English language is important for marketing people

Marketing person the one who do most important part of jobs and for any organization marketing is the branch or department who reach the organization to there object-oriented goals. so this is most important to know when you are in corporate then English is needed to talk with someone special when business in B2B (business too business).

How they analyze the market

even if their small companies or big companies both have their marketing team and that teamwork with planning for sales of companies product moreover the best marketing team are those teams who get high profits with less resources and cost. BUT in MNC’s if you have the skill of marketing techniques but you do not know English then you will not counted as a team members because this is the language through which you communicate with you seniors and to whom you are going to represent your skills and product to sell. let us discuss some of the techniques which mostly big organization follow to get high profitable business through selling.

Market size (current and future)

the product or service which they want to sell or serve to there customer for that they identify their market area. It means that in which area like urban or rural areas and if these two then how many potential customers are present in the market that they can target there customers at right time with a right place  to right people.

Market trends

the there team find the latest trends of market thruogh which people are influencing more and these trends are also according to the current season like:-  In winter season the ice cream  shop will not earn more money but they know in summer every one like to eat ice cream any time so there team focus more on the summer related advertisment.

Market growth rate

this one is an important factor for any organization because they see their how potential customer is consuming their goods  and at which stage the product durability is going to over. and for how long they can spread there product in a market because this depends on their market growth. on the conclusion, it says that if an organization is launching their product or service in a market then how they grow there brand in the market with a potential consumer.

Market profitability

profitability in its already defines that how much their profits going to be high in future after covering their customer and market. and how much their share prices have gone high because of high market share high rate of returns.

Industry cost structure

this is a structure which means that how much money will include in to make that product and after made how much money takes for advertising and for launching. for all these types of expenses, the companies make their budget where all future expenses have written with exact amount and also written that where that amount has to invest in their product.

At what level they have to face meetings and interaction with other business

Because in today’s versatile business environment the competition is increasing day by day and every business are making strategies to beat its competitors existing this market so if marketing person is doing any deal with other business which is most risky work, all together everything at last has to face marketing people because they are accountable for result.