English Speaking with Basic words?

Basic English

Basic words – the initial step

Here we discussed that how basic words play major role in English speaking course in Gurgaon

Our Institute takes an initial step for making you better than anyone in your basic knowledge of tenses, common society usable words, and how to start interacting with and between people …and so on.

Our institute has more focus on your basic knowledge because if once your basic clear in every term of English you can build yourself better for advanced level communication like- business talk, business letters, interviews etc.Even we prepare you with every basic word to use in society so that your profile will shoot you on the high level in between your neighbor or family, or your relatives, or for family friends and your friends.. etc.

All over India the major problem with every person is of basic knowledge of this third party language which is English. why this is called third-party language or

english framing words

Major reasons for lacking in the English language is Described below:

When we are working in a domestic company, till that time its ok for communicate with your colleagues or employees in a company but when it comes to MNC (multinational companies) the basic requirement for getting a job is we can communicate with them in English.

so the all conclusion says that if we want to be hired in good companies with the good salary we have to use the English language for better understanding between them with you.

English speaking is also important because in few cases your company sends you to foreign for a meeting or for the different project. so, at that time your word matter that you should able to speak or understand this intermediate language that is English.

Other problems for lacking in English

1-we have not suitable environment or persons surround our environment to whom we can make improvement in the English language.

2-because of our local language we are more familiar with it and English looks like the burden on us.

3-No one motivate us for learning English.

4-very low or irregular knowledge of grammar.

5-even we do not try to read some interesting books or stories which help us to boost our knowledge.

6-we do not try to interact with a good person who can speak better than anyone, we always thought they are over smart …or etc perception in our mind.