English Speaking Course for Advance Learner

The most prestigious course for the students who want to study or do the job in Europe countries and also in Multi-National Companies in India. It Includes advance level of learning from other courses like the structure is a same but different level of learning.

Doubts Classes for Advanced Learners

most of the cases the advance learner are clear with grammar, sentences making and speaking English but if they have these basic problems then they would be provided doubts classes only.

The career-oriented doubts also will be cleared with highly educated and experienced counselor.

extra classes for practicing the UK and USA  based English accent.

What Makes You Different From Others

you are able to interact easily while talking with your foreigner friend and clients.

your promotion in jobs will be made easier or also for hiring projects from International company will be easy which benefits you in your incentives and salary.

as you will teach the different technique of listing and understanding the foreigner’s accent. which is your a unique quality. so from that, you will be assigned the task related to high interaction with multi-national and international companies.

Presentation Classes for advance learner

you will be taught the high-quality methods of presentation making and report writing so that should be acceptable anywhere. you will be taught how to begin in which gestures and tone form.

Role Play Learning Methods for Advanced Learners

In this, any hypothetical situation or any story will be given to you and you have to continue it and make that story to be a happy ending but here condition is you will be given some vocabulary words by only using that words you have to complete the task. daily this roleplay will be done with new topics.

Complete The Sentences Techniques For Advanced Learner

In this techniques on everyday bases, you will be provided the handout which has many incomplete sentences and that would be completed by you by using two ways one is used your own knowledge of your vocabulary and second is you will give some words only that should be used to form a complete the sentence.

Play a Character Role for the advanced learner

here this the very interesting class where you will enjoy on alternate days. Now here you will be given any character of any celebrity and you have to say some dialogues which are given to you on the spot.

this is important for learning and it encourages you to gain more knowledge but the question is how?

so do you know that each and every gesture, different feeling, different body types and many more things have different names and even we don’t know where to use it and how these words come in use?

By playing this role you will be identified and tell on the spot the name of that different thing you did in your play.

Pronunciation correction for the advanced learner

As we are Indian so we have always a different tone of an accent than the actual one. Because we belong to different cultures there is always mistook happen while pronouncing the word.

If you are not speaking correct form then it also changes the meaning for whom to you talking with. so here we clear each every word that how it should be expressed and we teach methods to speak it well with logical techniques.