why English Speaking is Important In Tour And travel Agencies

english, a global trading language and a common language used as a medium of communication and exchange of information. Nowadays, English Speaking is spoken in all areas of the organization because of globalization.

Due to which, English became most important in some areas such as tour and travel agencies. In Tour and Travel Agent, one have to travel a lot and to communicate with locals, you have to speak English if you do not know their local language or their domestic language.

You can travel around the world and socialize with people everywhere if you speak English. In a travel agency, most clients use English as a medium of communication and you have to spend most of the time connecting with clients from all over the world.

you should be drafting a company brochures for clients which requires the skill to make it best sentences forming in English. it includes the core information like which type of hotel or guesthouse you want (like 3 stars, 4 stars, 5 star5..etc.) is that king size bed or for two individual…etc. after that, you need to explain your USP and kind of services you are able to provide them on time. these all information is provided in the English language so its mandatory to explain you fruitful services to your customer so that you can increase your business and get a hike in your salary with promotions etc.

you need to learn some of the attractive lines that should increase customers focus on your activities and they will recommend you for any type of booking and travel services. this all happen at the time of booking but what happens at a time when they reach the destination.

at that time you have to serve different services and there you meet with them face to face so their many types on conditions apply like when the customer will enter in the hotel then first they ask for their rooms and their room key, then they ask for at which direction they have to proceed this all need to interact with them when you know English speaking.

it does not only end here after this when your client or user is fresh your tour guider need to tell them about the area and their specification like if there is temple then why that temple is for and why that is situated their only and other factor related I that object but to explain all that stuff the hired person should be well I fluent English speaking.




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