Some Fantastic Words Which Use Commonly While English Speaking

Moron – mad
When a person is doing ill bread thing or a behaving like the mad person is called a moron.
For example, a person who is working in an office but after little hour he is behaving in very angry mood and after few minutes he is behaving like gentleman, this is the type of condition were we called that type people moron in English speaking.

Adorable – chahat Kisi cheese ki
There are three words in English which are needed, want, desire. The adorable means to be a stimulus for something or eager to want something.
For example, a person has low income and at his salary, he can only afford a bike but his childhood dream is to buy a luxury car like BMW, Audi. This condition applies that person is adorable or car. This is how we use it in English speaking.

Back bitching – Piche se chidana
Saying something negative behind the person. Or having grudges for a person and always talking negatively for them but not in front of them.

For example, there is a person in college who always treat others like a labor or peasant for that person people always talking negative things like what a stupid person is this. He is so rude or cruel…etc. this type of condition called back bitching. This condition only happens when we not like anyone but we cannot express those grudges in front of this word used for this type of people in English speaking.

Optimistic – positive thing

This means to be very positively confident for some kind of hope.

For example, a XIIth class student had given his boards paper and his paper was went good enough to score 90% now after few months his result date is coming out so he is eager for watch his marks this type of feeling is called optimistic. This kind of person we called optimistic in English speaking.

Pessy – mistic – negative thing
This is just the opposite of optimistic. The feeling goes towards negative for some hope.

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