How Generation Gap can be filled with today’s English environment

Today’s English environment is totally different from past environment because there are a lot of changes happening in an economy. there are so many things which are not followed in a time of our parent teenage life but know they are followed because every technology and living environment has changed and business environment has also changed during the competition is rising in the market and the public is going day by day smart enough to understand everything. as people are smart this means they are educated and In India, If you are educated it means You know how to speak English as this is the perception of Indian people society which is not very true.

now if we talk about Indian families then those families who have not studied due to some reason or  the families who have studies but in Hindi medium schools or those families who had studied in English medium schools all of them have different nature with their kids so this makes conflict between parents and their own kids because both demands are different and both want to fulfil their demand according to their satisfaction.

Difference Between Choices Among Technology

the people who were born and bought up with old traditional ways they do not like to use that technology because that making them harder to understand and at some extent, they feel technologies have ruined the social culture and there are less people left who thought for hard work.

And the people or kids who born in the 21st century or the current environment they can easily understand and make better use of them because today born and bought up kids are borning with those technologies and their parent are providing them a technologies to make it use better than other and society is focusing them to think beyond the level current technologies.

But this all conclude that use of technologies is making a lot of generation gap

new generation use email or SMS and WhatsApp to mail any message
And sending a letter is an old method to convey his/her messages.
The new generation always try to speak in English and send any message to anyone and also for playing games in mobiles phones
An old generation people like to play in fields which do not require understand English language and they speak in thir local language.

The people who know English well they can understand easily the changing environment and the use of updated machines because all languages are first launches in English because In India  the most of technologies were used of Europe countries so for understanding the machines and technologies which are coming and which will come to the English speaking and understanding can fill that gap.

The Difference of Food Choices

Now people order foods when they are very busy in offices and ordering food is also done in English name foods like- banger and mash, cobbler, bubble, and squeak…etc. the trends have changed to order food and the way to talking in English while ordering food.

This is not only limited to order but also when we go outside of the home to eat we like to talk in English with the retailer for giving the order to them for a burger, pizza, french fries…etc. so this is how the generation gap between old tradition people and modern people who want to live superior life is changed. because talking and eating English food is now a trend to society.