How Does Globalization Impact For English Speaking In India?

A country like India are developing countries and because India has a mass population of people as India comes at a second position for the highest population in the world and earlier it comes to the first position. this information is presented here because this is the real factor or causes due to which globalization impacted English speaking in India what question arises that how?

Globalisation means we have allowed other countries to enter our country to sell they products and services but they find the problem that how Indian people will convey for that product or service when they want to sell, so according to rule there is set language which is acceptable over the world and more than half world has their mother tongue in English speaking.

now the all business in India majorly comes from rest of the world and to hire those clients projects we need to learn English and slow then fastly it increases their presence in India.

there are many problems like we have no jobs of our own it means In India does not have many jobs so they have to prefer international companies and getting a job in international companies and because of globalization this all type of parameters where made and most of the population India is dependent on these companies and most of our services industries because they know Indian has better communication skill and they grab anything easily than other people in different countries. so globalization has impacted that any companies can interact with them form any place and point in the world so they all also increases the demand of a lot of jobs at which people are ready to do work at a good salary.

english speaking is so important because without knowledge of English we are not eligible for this job through which many families in India are living the nice life and their kids are able to fulfill dreams and they itself also.

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