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What is IELTS?

For the uninitiated, IELTS is an acronym that stands for International English Language Testing System. The British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge English Language Assessment jointly manage it.  It is one of the most popular and widely accepted English-test for non-native speakers of English.

English speaking countries and their universities accept IELTS score for the proficiency of a candidate in the English language. In other words, the score shows the level of proficiency in the English language. In order to live, work or study in these countries, one needs to have the certain level of English language skills.

A candidate can opt for one of the versions of IELTS tests out of two. There is Academic version and General version.

Based on a person’s purpose of stay, he/she needs to opt one of them. Academic is for students wanting to study at higher-level at a university. On the other hand, General training is for people who want to move to an English speaking country for work or study at the secondary level.

Different stages of IELTS test:

The IELTS test measures the overall communication of a person in the English language. Hence there are four various stages through which a candidate is tested. The four stages are:

  • Reading: This section tests person’s comprehension and understanding of English language through reading. The duration assigned is 60 minutes.
  • Writing: This section tests writing ability of a person. They check how relevant the answers are and if the sentences are complete or not. It is divided into two parts of 20 minutes and 40 minutes each.
  • Speaking: An examiner conducts an interview one-on-one with the candidate appearing in the test. Through this, the examiner tests a person’s conversational skills. They see how well you understand foreign accent and how you answer them. It could last anywhere between 11 to 14 minutes.
  • Listening: This section tests person’s ability to understand a conversation between two native speakers or English. The recording is played only once, and after that, the students have to answer the questions. Time assigned is 40 minutes for this stage.

As you know you are assessed on four skills mentioned above, you know where you stand in each of the skills. However, with right training and coaching, you can improve your level phenomenally. Our training methodology helps you learn better and excel in each of the skill.

How can our IELTS coaching help you?

  • We use latest course books combined with technology.
  • Learn techniques to excel in the exam.
  • Preparation along the line of IELTS
  • Emphasis on enhancing each of the four skills.
  • Tips to eschew errors in grammar and pronunciation.
  • Mock tests to check the progress.
  • Improve chances of getting a high score in the test.
  • Access to online tools and resources.
  • Expert and experienced trainers.

Our IELTS Coaching in Gurgaon will prepare you to get through with IELTS exam in the very first attempt. We will share tips, advice, techniques that has helped scores of students across the world clear the IELTS exam. This is possible through resources that we have access to online. We have a repository of resources, content and tools that can get you success in the exam.

Our IELTS coaching fills you with confidence which is imperative to succeed not just in IELTS exam but also in life. It is a known fact that the more you prepare for anything, the more confident you are. Our mock tests have been designed in line with real IELTS exam.

We put you through all the stages and assess your level. This process helps us to focus on your weak points and work on them. We follow SWOT analysis to eliminate weaknesses and threats.

Why is coaching or training mandatory for IELTS exam?

  • No matter how good at English you are, you need the training to score high in the IELTS exam. The reason is pretty simple and short. Indians generally do not interact with foreigners or Westerners.

The English language has so many variations when we talk about the accent. There are more than three dozen of English accent, and it’s nearly impossible to understand each one of them.

  • IELTS coaching is also important to familiarise a candidate with the format of the exam. If you are aware of the format, it would be easy for you to understand and attempt questions confidently. The lack of knowledge is what makes a person jittery.
  • Most of the people can speak plain English without much effort. However, an average person has a limited vocabulary. When a new word comes up, people fail to understand. This can lead to embarrassment. A language like English requires constant practice over a long time.
  • As non-native speakers of English, Indians tend to mispronounce certain words. In fact, there are a lot of words that are pronounced incorrectly. Though this is quite reasonable, it leaves a bad impression on the native speaker. This can make your English incomprehensible and unintelligible to the native speakers.

Therefore, a particular emphasis is made on correct pronunciation. Changing habits formed since childhood is difficult. Hence, regular practice and drawing attention to mistakes are the best way to avoid such problems.

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