Importance of English in international relations.

The essentially of English is known to almost all of us but, its use as a resource and the need to keep it going is not properly propagated. English is not only a means of communication but is of basic importance to communicate in and out of nations.

What are International relations?

International relations correspond to maintaining a great give and take relation with the people of our nation and the nation’s lying outside.

  • It is very vital for MNCs to proliferate according to the needs of people. Expansion of businesses is seen profitable when it spreads far and wide, nationally and internationally.
  • Student-exchange programmes are viable in many schools across India where foreign students come to India and the Indian students go to foreign countries for stipulated time.
  • At the ministry level, the ministers move in and out of the nation to seek help or provide help to nations in terms of economy, wealth, social welfare etc.
  • In the conferences organised by United Nations, countries from all over the world participate and they discuss the welfare of the whole world.

Why international relations?

  • The software companies and MNCs have clients nationally but a large fraction of the profit comes from world-wide. To avail this profit, international relations are needed.
  • A student is inculcated with all the knowledge only by experience, which comes when we explore. The student moves to abroad and learns new techniques.
  • Our very own PM is seen to explore various nations in order to learn better form of governance and maintain good relations with them.
  • The United Nations conferences have various wings that perform different functions. The UNESCO looks after the social welfare while the UNICEF looks after the welfare of children.

Use of English in international relations.

  • Every country has its own language and culture. But, English is the only language that binds all of them together.
  • Whenever a person, especially an Indian visits a foreign land, it is natural to speak on English. It is assumed that the foreign land will definitely have people speaking English, if not any other language.
  • English is considered as an “international” language in terms of usage. Wherever we go, it is complimentary to know and perceive English very well.
  • To be validated about the knowledge of staying and living in any nation, it is vital to speak in English, be it improper.

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English and international relations.

After the harbouring of importance of English worldwide let’s explore, why English is necessary to maintain good international relations.

  • All the international conferences, including the ones organised by United Nations take place in English. Although nations from far and wide participate in it, they talk and spread ideas in English. So, it is necessary for a person representing his/her nation to speak English and be precise in it.
  • The students who visit schools in other nations might face problems in communication. But, if they are well acquainted with English, they won’t face much trouble in mixing up with fellow students.
  • The ministers including the head ones, who visit foreign land for exploring or other welfare purposes may or may not be acquainted with the regional language but , if they know and Speak English , they can easily communicate and share ideas. Perception and reception of ideas becomes very easy and no linguistic barrier forces a hurdle between two nations.

To seek the welfare of oneself, for people living in a particular nation and everyone we know or are unknown to, it is English as a language that binds nations together and serves as a means of communication. It helps nations to communicate, ask for help and perceive ideas and share wisdom.

Suppose a person from one state of India visits another, it is well known how difficult it becomes to communicate and procure goods and services needed. So, imagine how difficult it would be to not know a common language and visit an entirely different country. To avoid all these paranormal behaviours and seek the best of all, learning English becomes vital. A vital need of English is seen in international conferences for idea exchange.

Imagine, a person representing a nation at a UN conference but is unable to express thoughts just because he/she doesn’t know English. Would that be justified to the nation? Time to think!

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