Importance Of English Language in Student Life

Our primary source of information in today’s world is communication. It is the process of sharing our thoughts and ideas with our friends and family. Even we can say that our language is what differentiate us from animals and make us humans.

There are so many of different countries in the world and in these different countries there are so many languages. All the countries have their official language and a variety of local languages used by different natives living there.

Some of the language like English, Hindi, and Chinese speak by millions of people all over the world and some are speak by only few hundred or thousand.

History of English language:

Origin of the English language is from England, but due to the historical effects of British Empire it turns out in the primary and secondary language of many British colonial countries such as India, Australia, Canada, and United States.

But now a day’s English language also become for those countries also that are actively connect by British countries. English is the common language of international corporate and financial institutions. It is the most common language of Hollywood which has been promoted all over the world.

Importance of English language in education field:

 English language is one of the most important in the field of education. In most of the countries, learning English encourages as a second language. It is most important to understand English language to interact more and more peoples.

Even in some countries where English is not official language or second language still many syllabi of English, science and commerce is written in English language. Join our English Speaking Course in Gurgaon and stand out from the crowd to prove your skills in job and other sectors.

Because of the dominance of English language in most of learning and research, subjects of same field are found in English language too.

List of countries with speaking percentage-


Country name Percentage(%) speakers
United states 94.2%
India 49%
Pakistan 10.35%
Nigeria 53%
United kingdom 97.74%
Germany 64%
Philippines 56.63%


The internet and press:

Internet is one of the most common names in these days. Every person from adult to child knows the importance of internet and social media these days. English is the primary language of the internet and press media. Most of the newspaper, books, and magazines are written in English language than any other language.

Importance of English language in student’s life:

Speaking of English language actually helps the student to broaden their world and understanding. It also helps in the improving the opportunities to learn different aspects of education and also gives you the ability to relate people from all over the world.

Everywhere in the world where ever you go for studies you will find English speaking person. Not only from those countries where English is an official language still there more than 400 million native people who are English speakers.

Reasons learning English is very important:

It performs as your magic key-

English is the magic key of all the difficult situation comes while communicating with others. English language can be used to improve the situations in your life.

Find some more opportunities in life-

Every company in the corporate world need employees who speak English. And in some cases they also ask for only English understanding workers.

You can become more educated-

English is the way of learning more and more things about the world. All types of classes and their courses are mostly teaches in English language.

You can easily travel for education anywhere in the world-

While travelling for education if you know English you will never face problem in your life. People all over the worlds know and speak English.

Helps you to increase your confidence-

English speaking is not only important to increase your knowledge and working opportunities, but also helps you to increase your confidence and also develops your join the english speaking course in gurgaon.

How to improve English in student life:

Read books-

Reading books is one of the easiest ways to learn English.  You can read whatever you want or you like to study. If you are at beginner’s level you can read small story books for kids and if you understand English then you can read more fictional books and novels.

Improve your vocabulary-

It is very important to improve your vocabulary if you want to improve your English. Try to learn new words and sentences, make tense and also improve your active and passive knowledge.

Develop the passion-

If you really want to learn English it is very important to develop the passion of learning. You can make your learning fun and entertaining. Play such games which help you to increase your knowledge of English.

Read top mark students notes and answers-

Sometimes your friends can also help you in this situation, read their notes. You will get some interesting words and sentences which you can further use in your speaking.

Keep a note book handy-

A notebook always works as a best buddy. Write new words and their meaning, any word that confuse you or make you feel amaze you can write there. This will help you to increase your word power.

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