How To Increase Curiosity In English Learning

Curiosity comes when you are ready to do anything serious and with your mental behavior. so, let we discuss some major points that how for learning English we can and create curiosity.

Use Example

Just simply understanding the topics is not the right way to create in yourself but what if when any topic will change their meanings in the example. We are more focused and ready to take interest in subject and curiosity will also increase.

Pick Interesting Topics

If you are going with those topics which is not in your interest area and which make you feel bored then it decrease your motivation level and hard to learn that topic so try to choose the subject and topics which help you to easily gain knowledge from that and also increase your level of understanding English and generate different question related to your area.

Learn With Playing

Only examples are not enough to increase your curiosity make it more catching the attention while learning English with playing like- make your own song to remember the words, imagine the image in your mind to learn, link your memory to some traveling place to the topic…etc.

Pick Diverse Topic

Always remember that in our interesting topics their area lot of wide areas available to do or to follow so do not follow only one parameter or structure of study make it simple with new on a weekly basis so that your connection with learning english never die.

Always Prepare A Format For Topics

Before starting your english learning prepare in a format that how much to do for today and how much for tomorrow and distribute your topics in small part so that you can cover your targets of learning English.

Always Engage With Someone For the Topic – Discussion.

When you are able to speak and you found in yourself that yes I can understand english when  someone ask me for anything then start engaging with people who can correct you on your mistakes while you were taking to them. Discuss that topics with them which is interest for them so that on daily basis you can make good english conversation for a long time.

Start With Question

The easiest way to remember the rules of english grammar and english words, when you put question against them. This give you confidence when you come up with answers and then this is also the best way to increase your curiosity in english

Start Watching English Movies And News

Leave the movies and news channels which in hindi language and try to hear english channels  this increase your english listening skill and those words also increase your knowledge.

Give More Time To Thinking

Also, try to think in english the problem is we are not born in the environment were our mother tongue is english. Hindi is running in  our veins so what we do is first star thinking in hindi then translate it into in english. But what if when we start thinking with english it take less time to convert the hindi language to english and we are fast enough to learn english.

Try To Take Current Scenario

The competition is tough in a market or in any field and every year dictionary is providing new words to learn so the best way to cover those words that you should take current economy scenario this helps you to know trending words and it is easy to create curiosity for learning english.


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