how less interaction becomes failure to us in English?

before we start to know how interaction becomes failure to us in english we need to know two important parts and that is what is an introvert? and what is extrovert? how they are affecting our interactions with right people in this competitive world were english is must necessary to learn.

less alone learn english speaking

what is an introvert?

a person who is shy in nature, less talkative, who like  to spend more time at alone places, they always learn the things from other people experiences. these kinds of personality people independently work on their own. so this might take time to learn english because by the window we are learning english we have to interact with more and more people.

how do you know that you are introvert

there are several signs through which we can identify.

-feel discomfort in between of large groups and after meeting with large groups they need much extra time to spend it alone so that they can think the situation in deep and then fell confidence in ourself.

different activities they do

-they spend more time alone they use to consume that time with listing music, by doing some activities according to there interest like:- singing, dancing, acting…etc, by social networking sites all the time, moreover smart introverts they use there time with reading books.

small groups

as they also like same category people and they find them to share some of the there problems but some of the persons has there small groups were they like to share their thoughts and they keep many secrets in themselves and many secrets also. their groups have also no big interaction with rest of the world.

there are many more factors of identifying the introvert person but these cause problem when you learn english because if they do not ask any doubts then the teacher may do not found there weak points to improve english.

more interaction became english master

what is an extrovert?

a person who is very talkative, feel free to ask any question to anyone, spend more of thier time with there friend and thier friend circle is always bigger. a person who always do parties or enjoyments with their family and freinds.

some of there facts through which we can identify

  • Numerous, broad interests
  • Likes to communicate by talking
  • Enjoys being at the center of attention
  • Tends to act first before thinking
  • Enjoys group work
  • Feels isolated by too much time spent alone
  • Looks to others and outside sources for ideas and inspiration
  • Likes to talk about thoughts and feelings


If both personalities have the same person “extrovert or introvert”

the extraordinary person or a person who handles the situations more easily and have manners and good attitude towards only that person may have these kinds of personality trait which is also called a smart person. as these are the people how extract knows where to speak at what to speak and with that with what attitude and manner. the all conclusion says that a person who is introvert in some personal kind of works and extrovert in every cocurricular activites with full of efforts to achive that goals are the best people in the world.

even both the personalities trait in one person will help them to learn english better because teacher can identify these kinds of person exactly there points and were he/she is getting an advantage to learn english perfectly more than others.