No one motivate us for learning English

mostly in India, there is a big problem of speaking english of every second person in India then how would we be motivated. when there is no motivation then how we able to speak fluently and everyone wants to speak fluently.

just forget about  every buddy for some time who demotivate us and look forward to which ways we can be motivated to speak fluent english

one the best speaker of India who has well told that how to make improvements and speak english fluently his name is Sandeep Maheshwari

just he said every point in his video is absolutely right so just let you know that what he said in his videos

at the beginning, he starts just like that

people always have fear before speaking in english and fear is the first problem for any kind of success

the second point which he denoted is that we are doing faults before speaking is that when we speak in Hindi then before that we first think in Hindi but in case of english whenever we have to speak english first we think in Hindi and then translate it to english in our mind and then  finally we speak in english

then the third point is given by Sandeep Maheshwari is more considerable

he said that how we had learned english (he is asking this question to students and students had given some good answers)

the first answer which Sandeep Maheshwari is got by the student is

through observation, we can learn english

the second answer by a student is by doing practicing it

after that, he had given his opinion

that how small kids learn anything?

by doing mistakes again and again, by coping there elders and by watching them (in some joke contest )–they are just like monkeys because there has not much difference between  monkeys and human

after that, he put some valid question like from where to do practice and from whom to do and how to do?

then he has given some good ideas like

we can write it on dairies whatever we speak with yourself he said the best speaking is speaking with yourself

after that he said we have to change our habit of thinking in Hindi and start thinking in english and start thinking with only simple words not to try with high vocabulary words

these many idea and solution are given by Sandeep Maheshwari for an upgrowing student who will make the better future if India and world

there is one more motivational speaker is Rajesh Aggarwal and he has given the best tip to improve or to make fluent english by very easy step

this step is told by his old school friend in 10th standard when is asked his friend that how would you be so good and fluent in english and I also want to learn english you just teach me english from today onwards I will also speak in english

then his friend give him only one specific tip that

Rajesh Aggarwal

start with whatever you think to speak english just speak that after that its other person headache to understand that what you want to say

like if you want to learn swimming so for that you have just jumped into the water for swimming like this also if you want to speak english fluently then just speak whatever you think.