old parties and today’s parties

we know you are thinking that does what sense old parties and modern parties can be the part of english speaking. one by one we remove your all perception and doubts having regarding this topic on this blog.

Let’s connect learning or speaking english with Old parties and Modern parties

Birthday Parties

from the headline itself, you have to understand a lot of things like in old birthday parties, there is the only party with families in a home where we call everyone for attending the party. now after reading this you have a doubts that where this makes any sense but it makes sense by watching the type of talking on the traditional way and today’s birthday parties like waiters are not that much educated and very few families in parties were speaking english. but in today’s modern parties waiter will here when they are done with minimum hotel management degree and they have english proficiency. coming to the point old parties has less no. of people who speak english in parties than today’s party.

Anniversary Parties

well, these parties cultures were followed by European culture is not an Indian culture. there is no parties on the anniversary in old tradition but has more than that time but for that most of people, couples choose good hotels were we show our english speaking b talking from the receptionist.this is the only example through which we are connecting for english speaking course in gurgaon to make you perfect for talking with someone.

The Marriage Parties

the most important part of the life where we are getting together with a new life partner. here in the old tradition, no one cares for the Hindi or english language whatever we speak on that party but now the changing environment as everyone gone educated they are developing their self according to modern environment and all these always indulge with english speaking. because english is growing faster in today’s parties as well as educational purpose.

there are many other things from which these all happen to be learning english is not only need but if want to survive in the sophisticated environment and for the betterment of our future generation learning english and be fluent in english speaking in needed.