Why Slang’s Will Give Too Much Importance In English Speaking.

first, of all, we have to know where does it takes to start and how does it increase there importance. let’s make a  guess… so all its start with chatting on social media and the most popular Facebook and Twitter from both the platform its start to use slang language. because these online platforms have covered all the internet market to connect with each other people are more easily able make friends and those friend list is increasing day by day this makes more chatting with them and chatting is so increase with many of friends that for the fast reply they start using short form and that short form converted into slangs which are also now using official on big account like on celebrity pages.

here are some SLANGS which is mostly and also world widely used slangs are also of two type one  which uses in America and Britisher and another will which is most famous in INDIA
most of the slangs used in informal communication, European People they mostly use these following slangs:

1- GOAT – means greatest of all time, this word use like Sachin Tendulkar is GOAT in batting.
– Barack Obama is GOAT president.
– Modi is GOAT leader.
– Sandeep Maheshwari is GOAT motivation speaker.
– Messi is GOAT football player.
– Ronaldo shoot penalty and he is always GOAT.
– he is GOAT teacher of history.
– Sam running faster than anyone and in school time he is GOAT.
– Bose speaker has GOAT sound quality for PC and laptops even in headphones.

2- FAM – means family, this word use like my fam is very strict with my studies.
– peter is inviting his fam in his relative marriage.
– let’s invite all fam in-house party.
– last year I had fam tour at Thailand.
– Mom, my friends are inviting me to his fam celebration.
– Dad always supports his fam and do not care about mom’s fam.
– my fam always gives me permission for the long trip.

3- DISS – means disrespecting someone from behind, it uses like stop diss him and be respectful he is your senior.

4- ACE – means something very wonderful or awesome, it uses in like your handwriting is ACE.
– your English speaking skill is ACE than anyone of your age.
– statue of liberty is placed at the ACE view.
– India actors are very ACE.
– your pic is ACE.
– Famous Five series of storybooks are really ACE.

5- FORTNIGHT – means Two weeks. This comes from an abbreviation of ‘fourteen nights’

6- ASAP – means As Soon As Possible, it uses when urgent need or requirement of demand has to fulfill. it uses like a boss- get your report ready till night and present it ASAP.
– I will At my Home Town ASAP.
– Run the Programming ASAP.
– conduct the interview session ASAP
– Start your English Speaking Classes ASAP.
– Start loading carriages ASAP.
– exams are near, Start studying ASAP.
– the marriage date will be fixed ASAP.

7- BOT – means back to massage, it uses like if you remember to talk with an old friend then msg him/her BOT.

8- DM – means a direct message, it uses like when you are so busy and do not understand the concept then DM.
– DM me for the latest news of your favorite actor.
– DM me for best-consulting services.
– DM me for know the benefits of Yoga.

9- BFF – means best friend forever, it uses like when met with an old friend after so long time and had taken a pic with them by stating the caption of BFF.
– Rohan and Mohan are BFF.
– Meena and Tina always eating together because they are BFF.
– books are always our BFF.
– parents always teach us with the right message because they are all time BFF.

10- lol – means a lot of laughs, it uses like when seeing some of the funny images and cannot control your emotions, then your comment lol.
– ritu watch a meme and comment in the box lol.
– sir – there is snake ion the park.
kids – lol, that snake is a toy only.
– rajesh – holi comes after every six months.
others- lol, it only comes in a month of March.

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