Social and Cultural Issues for English

here reaction means a reaction for emotions and the gestures of a person when it seems to be very embarrassing in front of people when they speak English and we cannot.

How Our Living Environment Reacts

so all thoughts come to us? where those people exist who speak English without hesitation? how they improve themselves? what are reasons that they can easily improve themselves in English? lets clear every confusion one by one.

1- where those people exist who speak English without hesitation?

there are many things depend or some of them are independent of which they gain knowledge and adapt the learning by self-motivation. The dependent factors are most effective factors to learn anything like if you want to learn to code and you will be met with an experienced teacher who teaches you well. like parents always guide us for the different arena where we are not focused and the critical time in life.

so the main factor that the people who are speaking without hesitation is the depend on factor like they gain confidence with their environment who always encouraged them to speak in English. the independent factors are their self-motivation and there eager to learn and make themselves problem-solving nature it means when they are suffering from speaking problem then they find a solution of it and implement as possible as much earlier they can and these efforts show the person is independent and have a problem-solving mind. so these people exist when they have depended or independent nature.

if you think you have nothing who teach you or to whom you will be dependent then immediately set you in an independent mode so that people will follow you not you will follow the people.

what are reasons that they can easily improve themselves in English?

the process and daily time management they follow to come out with these situations.the process is to complete their daily task and the time management is to complete the task in the setted time frame or in one window per day.

for example:- assume that there is Mr. A who has faced many problems in life and now he is at stage of unemployment because he had rejected from many jobs and he has no earning source so after all these problems in his life one day he start to analyse that what are the surcumbstances that he got rejected from interviews then first he checks his CV and there he found that he has skils he has achiements but do not have english profeicency skills which are first needed for the companies according to his field which he has choosen marketing. so he starts to fulfill those requirements which are needed to be fluent and good at English speaking he starts reading the newspaper daily for 20 minutes and start making habit of reading books and he buys an English grammar book to vanish their grammatical mistakes while speaking and writing. and start making friends who are good at talking in English and everyday he met with them to make his own language better. and after two months we got selected in a big company and every month he got incentives and bonus for his good speaking skills.

does society accept it?

yes if you are the guy who can make them self-better than other in terms of skills and achievements and in your career where you have dreamed to be successful in life. society and culture matter to an extent only after that the above mention things helps.