How to speak English easily?

In a developing country like India, youngsters serve as the main protagonist in the development of industries. As far as the jobs are considered, all the corporate meetings, interviews, job-sessions and everything related to the companies officially need a good proficiency in English speaking.

Needs of speaking English.

  • English is the basic means of communication in all sectors of work. It is a necessity to communicate your thoughts.
  • An ability to speak proper English develops the confidence of an individual while working with employees and colleagues.
  • Innovation is huge in demand but the communication of those new ideas is perceivable only through correct and fluent English.
  • For communication with foreign delegates, English is necessary because it is the only language that ties various nations together.
  • It is treated as a standard language and a person with fluent English is looked upon as esteemed and confident one.

Sectors where English rules

With the ultimate globalisation and urbanisation, all the sectors have seen utmost changes. One of the most considerate changes is, communication.

  • In the MNCs and all the other companies that operate, the officials and employees communicate in no other language other than English.
  • The meetings and notices are circulated in English. The presentation of ideas via different means use English as the scriptual language.
  • In most schools, colleges and educational institutions, the medium of teaching has been upgraded to English. Since, the examinations are to be attempted in this language only, it is better to be teaching in English.
  • The various competitive examinations that are held, although provide for a choice of language but many don’t. It is always better to learn better English and be able to attempt any exam that we want to.

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Starting with English.

  • The foremost step to approach English is, to start looking for sources. Be it English newspapers, English movies or any English articles, start trying to read them. Look up for words in the dictionary and try to learn at least 5 new words everyday.
  • Now a days, plenty of spoken English classes provide with classes that teach English in a couple of days. Never look for the time constraint. Look for the quality of English taught. English is not a theory that can be understood in a couple of days.
  • Begin with the pronunciation of words. Look for the correct pronunciation of words and try spelling them out yourself. You may take help from internet or television for the same.
  • Stress on spelling the words correctly. Break each syllable and try to read the word. This will make it easier to pronounce and learn words faster.
  • Next, learn to join words and frame sentences. Start from short ones and move on to complicated ones. Cross-check if they are correct or not.
  • Grammar is an important aspect. Learn to use correct grammar. Use grammar books with basic English grammar. You may look up for grammar lessons online.

Being a Pro in speaking English.

Once you are done with the basic lessons of English, try to speak them properly because that’s what comes first in building a personality.

  • Practice speaking English, at least 5 correct sentences fluently everyday.
  • Do not hesitate or stammer because that is a sign of low confidence. Believe in yourself while you speak.
  • While presenting a topic, eye-contact with the target audience is important. Do not stare at the audience because that will be awkward. A steady gaze at the audience circulating at everyone while you speak is a sign of a noted speaker.
  • Presentation of a topic is very significant. Talk about the topic in order to attract people and their attention. Do not make it very boring.
  • Get your talk prepared and well rehearsed to make it look perfect at the end.
  • Nothing beats self confidence. Speak with your head high and believe in yourself.

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