suitable person for english environment

we have not the suitable environment or persons surround our environment to whom we can make improvement in the English language

do you know where English environment starts and ends?

Commonly people do not think about their surrounding environment but let you know that your living area and your type of environment always affects the possibilities of learning something and it more preciously when it comes to English speaking so let just discuss how it could be or not by different situations. First of all its always be your guardian’s

parents do affect the environment of English

yes, parents affect, we know it is amazingly shocking to you but it is true. from the time of born till now we are taken care by our parents at every step forwarding of your life and most probably we have lot of interaction towards our parents so if parents well know English language then our grown stage to till now we are very fluent in English because if they talk with us in English then we always be more confident with anyone  to speak in English anywhere.

but do not focus on that parent part of life and if we say due to some kind of reasons parent do not know about English then it’s their fault, it may be some circumstances so that, that problem occurs with them but if we are smart enough then by our own efforts we can make improvement in our language by joining english speaking course in gurgaon.

friends matter lot to the English environment

the best part of life is friends and their friendship.when no one helps then only friends help when no one support then also friends support as for whether they know how to solve the situation or not. apart from that only friends are those to whom we spend our full life and some of best friends know better than any other friend in life and we also share some of our secrets with them but when it comes to the language part then our friends have a major contribution to make it or to break it.

when your friend circle is good enough to speak English with you or when they do not both the situation will lie on the different track but how? just we take one situation when we go first time in school then you need a friend to whom you will be playing or sharing anything and if that friend is good in English than he helps you to improve your English and your confidence too. but at the same situation, the friend is shy or he is introvert and his English is also not so good then you cannot be able to learn this English language and through this situation, you will fill lacking in front of the professional world after passing your schooling life.

so this is how your friend matter lot for your English speaking

neighbors play the role

neighbors play a tortured role in life when it comes to English speaking, that neighbors may be your friends parents or your parents friends and unknown also but the problem arises here when neighbors are unknown because then  only whenever the has to speak with you they will start with English and if we don’t understand on that time or we are understanding but cannot answer them in English language. this type of talking from neighbors create the problem and they make us feel like very embarrassed in front of them.

relatives are they, whistleblower

A whistleblower (also written as a whistle-blower or whistle blower) is a person who exposes any kind of information or activity that is deemed illegal, unethical, or not correct within an organization that is either private or public. … Because of this, a number of laws exist to protect whistleblowers.

so from this definition, you are now able to relate the happening of different kind of activities in your life. as you also gone through with this stage when your relative know that you are not at all good in English and they spread it like a grapevine.

one of the most happening cases in life of almost every person is when your board result came out and our relative is asking your marks of every individual subject for comparing with his own students and after listening that all marks are good but you have not scored well in English and this words “you have not score well in English” is reaching to your others relative as faster than train.

so this is a situation which tells that how our environment is bad for learning English because this relative “whistleblowing” is demotivating yourself to do something better in life.

self-motivation is the best

everyone know when we have to start anything whether it is business, job, career…etc. the self-motivation is the one in yourself will help to make good and happier life likewise if we want to learn English then self-motivation is the one who creates a good environment surrounding us.

self-motivation is of two type one is positive and another is negative.

if we are thinking that we can learn English easily then belief in yourself you are on right track and soon will achieve your goals because this type of thinking is creating positive wives through only the person has same thinking like you, you will interact with them and by this processor you will  be motivated and speak English well.

but if you are not thinking about this means you are on wrong track and it is not called motivation it always called demotivation.