Use of ‘I’ll help you’ in Spoken English

This phrase is used in spoken english when you are willing to help someone who is having a hard time doing something.

Basic Syntax : (I’ll help you + Basic Form of the Verb)

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Examples of ‘I’ll help you’ in Spoken English

  • I’ll help you arrest the illegal drug vendors.

Suppose you know some of the drug vendors who are selling banned or illegal drugs like heroin, marijuana etc. near your residential area. You are ready to give police department an assistance to arrest those drug sellers. In this situation the above example can be used while speaking english.

  • I will help you defeat him in the battle.

Let’s assume you are playing an online game with some of your friends and you know some tricks which can help your friends to win the battle against the enemy team. In this condition you can apply the above sentence while speaking english.

  • I’ll help you build an android application.

Suppose you work as an app developer in an IT company and your friend is having problem writing codes for a new android application.You then tell him/ her that you are going to help him/her to launch the app successfully. This is how the above example can be utilized to learn and speak english.

  • I will help you complete the task within given duration of time

This example can be used in spoken english when you want to help somebody who is having difficulty to complete a particular task within a given period of time.

  • I’ll help you cook food for guests.

Suppose your mother is having difficulty cooking food for the guests arrived at your place and you are telling her that you will provide assistance to cook food in a quick time. In this way you can use the above phrase while telling your mother that you will help her.

  • I will help you discover new ways of learning.

Let’s assume that your younger brother is finding it difficult to learn new things properly and you are going to help him discover new methods and different techniques of learning a particular subject very quickly. In this way, the above sentence can be used in similar kind of situations.

  • I’ll help you download the video songs.

Suppose one of your friends doesn’t know how to download video songs from YouTube or any other website. In this situation, you can use the above example to let him/ her know the process of downloading a video from a particular website.

  • I will help you escape from the class.

Let’s assume that one of your friends is getting bored during a lecture and want to escape from the classroom. You are telling him that you will help him escape from the class without letting the teacher know about this.

  • I’ll help you free your mind from all stresses.

Suppose one of your friends is feeling stressed by the immense workload and you want to help him to get relieved from all his stress by telling him that he should start doing Yoga and meditation on a daily basis. Similarly, you can make your own sentence using the above phrase.

  • I will help you rebuild your confidence.

Let’s consider that your friend get rejected in his first interview for a multinational company in a recruitment drive at your college and he is feeling very depressed. In this situation, you can use the above example in order to help him rebuild his confidence.

Common Errors that occur using ‘I will help you’ in Spoken English

  • I’ll help you in clearing the examinations. (✕)
  • I’ll help you clear the examinations. (✓)
  • I will help you to understand different concepts of physics. (✕)
  • I will help you understand different concepts of physics. (✓)


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