Use of ‘I wish I could’ in Spoken English

This phrase is used to express our feelings, most probably an intense desire, towards a particular thing or activity.

Basic Syntax : I wish I could + Verb + Subject

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Examples of ‘I wish I could’ in Spoken English :

  1. I wish I could fly.This is general example that people often use to express their feeling in certain conditions. However we all know that this strong desire to fly is impossible to happen.
  2. I wish I could be there with you at your wedding ceremony.Suppose your friend has invited you to his marriage but you feel that it won’t be easy for you to attend his marriage partry as you have some important meetings abroad. Nevertheless, you have strong desire to have fun with your all friends at the wedding. In this situation you can use the above example in spoken english.
  3. I wish I could dance better.

    This example is same as the 1st example. You can use this example when you have a strong desire to do something that you usually don’t do. It may be singing, dancing, acting, swimming etc.
  4. I wish I could go to the party with you.Suppose your friend has invited you to his birthday party. Your all friends are going but you get stuck at your home due to some important work that your father has given you. In this way, you can utilize the above sentence while learning English.
  5. I wish I could show you my capabilities.Let’s assume your friend has finished a particular work in a given interval of time but you have taken enough time to finish the same work despite having winning qualities. You think your friend is underestimating you and is unaware about hidden qualities you have. In this situation you can use the above phrase to make a sentence in spoken english.
  6. I wish I could lose my weight.Suppose you are fatty and most of your friends in the class tease you. You always feel very bad about being so fatty and oversized and have a desire that some day you will lose your weight and look like normal sized people.
  7. I wish I could pay my debts.Let’s assume that you have owed a huge amount of money and finding it difficult to get relieve from all your debts. In this situation, you can use the above example while learning and speaking english.
  8. I wish I could quit smoking.Suppose you can’t help smoking a lot in a day. You have tried so many times to quit smoking but failed every time. You have very strong desire to quit smoking as soon as possible to have better health afterwards. Likewise you can apply above example on your own in similar kind of activities.
  9. I wish I could speak better.Suppose you generally get hesitated when you deliver a speech in front of the audience or while answering a question. You have a strong desire to remove this fear of getting nervous at times. In this way, the above sentence can be applied while speaking english.
  10. I wish I could meet you as soon as possible.Let’s consider that you haven’t met your mother for a while and are eagerly waiting to meet her as soon as possible. This is how you can use the above phrase to make a sentence while learning english.

Common Errors using ‘I wish I could’ in Spoken English :

  • I wish I could ran faster than you. (✕)
  • I wish I could run faster than you. (✓)
  • I wish I could have did better. (✕)
  • I wish I could have done better. (✓)



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