Use of ‘I think I should’ in Spoken English

This phrase is used in spoken english to express your feelings or a strong desire towards something that you want to do.

Basic Syntax :
(I think I should + Basic Form of the Verb)
(I think I should + have + Past Participle form of the Verb)

Examples of ‘I think I should’ in Spoken English

  • I think I should go for a walk.

This example can be used when you are feeling bored and want to go outside for some mental refreshment. For instance, suppose you are continuously studying for about five hours and feeling very tired. You are thinking to go outside to have some fun with your friends. In this situation, you can use the above sentence to learn and speak english.

  • I think I should let him in on my plans later.

Suppose you have planned to go abroad for your further education and don’t want to tell your friend about this. In this situation, you can use the above example in spoken english.

  • I have already spent a lot on the utilities that I craved for. But now, I think I should lay by money for my old age.

Let’s assume that you are fully satisfied with all the things you craved for and now want to save your money on a monthly basis for your future. This is how you can apply above phrase while speaking english.

  • He is passing through financial problems and I think I should stand by him.

Suppose one of your friend is passing through some financial difficulties and you think you should support and help him in his bad time. In this condition the above sentence can be applied while learning and speaking english.

  • I think I should have carried on my studies.

Let’s assume that you got failed in your final examinations and now thinking that you should have carried on your studies for some more time. In this situation, above example can be used to learn and speak english to have a good command over english language.

  • I think I should have participated in the competition.

Suppose your college has organised a singing competition and several students took part in it. But for some reason you haven’t participated in the competition. Later you realise you should have managed things and should have participated. In this way you can use above sentence while speaking english.

  • I think I should have read the instructions.

Let’s assume that in an examination you forget to read the instruction that you have to use only a black pen to answer the question. But you used a blue pen and suffered with reanswering the whole questions in a new answer sheet. This is how you can use the above example in spoken english.

  • I think I should have behaved gently.

Suppose your parents are not happy with the behaviour you showed to them while giving them the reason of coming late at night. Later you realise that you should have behaved in a gentle manner and answered them politely. Likewise you can apply the above phrase in similar kind of situations while talking to someone.

You can also use the above phrase by adding ‘do not’ to it as shown below in the following examples. The general structure remains the same except the inclusion of ‘do not’ between ‘I’ and ‘Think’.

Basic Structure : (I don’t think I should + Basic form of the Verb)

  • I don’t think I should criticise anyone being unaware about the actual reasons.
  • I don’t think I should call her after the discussion we had yesterday. 


Common Errors that occur using ‘I think I should’ in Spoken English

  • I think I should competed till the end. (✕)
  • I think I should compete/ should have competed till the end. (✓)


  • I think I should’hve let him speak first. (✕)
  • I think I should’ve let him speak first. (✓)


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