Use of ‘ I want you to’ in Spoken English

This phrase is used to tell someone for doing a favour to you or to do something you desire. It is generally followed by a verb.

Basic Syntax : (I want you to + Verb)

Examples of ‘ I want you to’ in Spoken English

  1. I want you to buy a rucksack for me.
    This example can be used in spoken english when someone is going for shopping and you want him/ her to buy something for you. For instance, let’s assume your brother is going to a mall to buy clothes and some other personal stuff. You ask him to buy a rucksack for you as you don’t have enough time to go with him for shopping.
  2. I want you to bring your notebook tomorrow.
    Suppose you forget to bring your notebook to school. Your teacher tells you to bring the notebook next day with your homework being completed, otherwise she will punish you and call your parents. In this way, the above example can be used while speaking english.
  3. I want you to choose one card from this deck.
    Let’s assume that you are showing some magic tricks to some of your friends with the help of deck of playing cards. You ask one of your friend to randomly choose one card from the whole deck in order to implement the magic. In this situation you can apply the above phrase while learning and speaking english.
  4. I want you to drive the car throughout the whole journey as I am feeling a bit under the weather.
    Suppose you were going to some religious place with your family in a car. You were not feeling well enough to drive the car and asked your brother to do a favour for you by driving the car unless you pull through the sickness.
  5. I want you to cope with all your problems cheerfully.
    Suppose you are passing through financial difficulties these days. Your friend came across this news about you and told you not to panic in these kind of situations and manage your problems cheerfully as he always stand by you.
  6. I want you to give away the prizes.
    This example can be used in spoken english when you want someone especially the chief guest to distribute the prizes in any competition, cultural function or awards ceremony.
  7. I want you to turn off the water tap before you go out.
    Suppose you have a habit of forgetting several household things like turning off water tap, light, fan etc. when you go out of your home. Your mother always reminds you to remember these little things before leaving to somewhere. In these kind of situations you will hear the above sentence from your mother or some other family member.
  8. I want you to cut down your expenditure as you are jobless these days.
    You will hear these type of statements when you are jobless and still spending your money like a spendthrift.
  9. I want you to look upto your elder brother and follow what he says.
    This sentence can be applied when you give lesson to someone to respect his/ her elder ones and follow what they say.
  10. I want you to seek permission whenever you go out.
    Suppose you are a teacher and you observe one of your student doesn’t ask for permission to go out of the classroom. You are then telling him/ her to obey the rules and seek permission everytime he/ she goes out of the class. Likewise, you can use the above example in similar kind of situations in spoken english.

Common Errors using ‘ I want you to’ in Spoken English

There are so many errors that we generally come across when people use the above phrase in spoken english. Some of them are shown below along with the correct way of making a sentence using that phrase.

  • I want you sing a song for me. (✕)
  • I want you to sing a song for me. (✓)


  • I want you to spoke loudly. (✕)
  • I want you to speak loudly. (✓)


  • I want you to well dressed. (✕)
  • I want you to be well dressed. (✓)


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