How VOCA Friend Words Use In English Speaking?

Well, many of you not aware of what is VOCA friends so we gonna explain each voca friend word first with their meaning then we explain with an example that how these words we can use for your best friends in english speaking.

1- Chum friends – langotiya yaar.
2- Bosom friend/ ultimate friend – pakka yaar.
3- Fair weather friend – sukh ka sathi.
4- Foul weather friend – dukh ka sathi.
5- malice/ grudges towards somebody – negative feeling.
6- Have a tiff with someone. – have a fight with someone.

Example of how o use chum friend words in sentences or in which type of situation

Let assume that there is Mr. A and he got married and his company transferred him to out of his country. now Mr.A has a friend Mr. B is working at the same place where earlier Mr.A is Living but after their jobs, both were busy too much in their work. Now one day, Mr. B is scrolling his WhatsApp and he found his friend last seen by many months ago so he decided to call him immediately asking for his health and wealth. He made a call and now both were talking and phone call goes long enough so Mr. A wife is now doubting on her husband and she immediately asks him that who’s that guy to whom you were talking too long then Mr. A replied that he is my chum friend it means a friend who stays with each other from their baby/born/childhood days. ( langotiya yaar ). Now you able to understand that when in English speaking this chum friend words will be used.

Example of bosom/ ultimate friend

Anyone in life always need one friend to whom he can share his life hard time and life a good time. Like also if you are new to the school in your class then also you need a friend for any type of support and if you go to college you again need a new friend and if you are going to a company for the job then also you need a friend. But the friend who are connected with each other till the end of his life is known as bosom friend or ultimate friend (pakka yaar). So in English speaking when you meet with someone like this type of guy you will assign them as bosom friend.

Example of fair and foul weather friend

Let assume Mr. A is getting Hike in his salary and now he is finding someone to whom he can
Celebrate his happiness then his fair weather friend Mr. C come and asking him for a reason of his happiness today and he give him a reason and now both were getting ready for party and celebration of his salary hike but after a month Mr. A need some help related to handle his family for a few days because he is very much busy in his office work then Mr. C refuses to help so this is called fair weather friend ( sukh ka sathi) and just opposite of this situation where Mr. A need help and Mr. B is Always ready to help him in ann hard time is foul weather friend. So you are now able to make a theme in your mind that which words should be used at what places in English speaking.

Nowadays English speaking is so important to learn that you need to know about this type of essential framing of words so that you will never be stuck while explaining to your friend.

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